Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our new blog page. When we’re not setting up weddings or finishing orders, we like to keep you in the loop! Follow along for news and updates on our daily offerings.

Our most exciting development at the shop is our partnership with a few local growers. True to our roots, we are proud to collaborate with individuals like FlowerGardens’ Pat Stern and Athens-based husband-and-wife team Steve and Mandy O’Shea of 3 Porch Farm.
Pat commutes weekly between her collective six and a half acres in North Carolina and Georgia. Like us, she works with a close-knit team, and shares our hands-on approach, toting and peddling a range of stems from dahlias to bee balm.

3 Porch Farm boasts sustainable practices – 100% recycled vegetable oil powered farm vehicles! – and “Certified Naturally Grown” buds. Look out for ready-to-go bundles from them right here in Candler Park!

Like our farmer friends, our business follows the seasons, so we keep an ever-changing selection of cut flowers, succulents, and other potted plants on
hand. Georgia summer is in full swing, which curtails inexpensive peonies and tulips. Instead, sunny days signal the arrival of fresh bunches of Zinnias, marigolds, dahlias, black-eyed-susans, and Lisianthus.
Never stopped in? We remain unique by keeping a large selection of fresh cuts out in buckets, European-style. Buy one stem of anything or create a custom hand-tied bouquet. We look forward to seeing you here and in the shop!

Follow 3Porch Farm via Facebook and Instagram and their website www.3porchfarm.com. Find more info on FlowerGardens at www.flowergardensnc.com.