Flower Crowns Are In.

Mostly, the guys and gals in the flower business were the kids with dirt-caked feet, picking their mom’s roses too soon, and dreaming in their gardens. I once endured a night of false alarm, my mom mistaking grass seeds for head lice. I was banished to the shower for my dirty shenanigans, but it was so worth it.
So, flower crowns, or halos, are one of our favorite floral trends. They’re whimsical on brides, flirty at music festivals, and just plain fun for going out.


Our floral crowns are unique because color palette or style can be customized (within reason). Pretty/long-lasting blooms aren’t always available to us in every color, but that’s the beauty of working with living ingredients. The product is always a surprise. Ultimately, we aim to emulate your idea, rather than create a carbon copy from a picture, etc.
From simple baby’s breath halos to romantic bridal crowns, we accommodate a wide array of options. Consider one for graduations, or as an alternative to a prom/homecoming corsage.
Is your inner flower child calling out? Call the shop at 404.522.0005 or email candlerparkflower@gmail.com to place a custom order.